Join Us

Looking to expand your list of regrets?


Join a band of wild autists who escaped their tardwranglers in their epic adventure to scanlate far more mango than they ever will be able to in one lifetime.


At this time, we desperately need:

  • Typesetters for
    • Bakuon!!
  • Translators for
    • Bakuon!!
    • Kanojo no Carrera
    • And several more
  • Cleaners/Redrawers for
    • Bakuon!!
    • Kanojo no Carrera
  • Mascot and/or Shitposter (position filled)

Requirements (important in bold)


  • literally any motivation
  • solid experience with Photoshop
  • familiarity with Anon Black’s Guide
  • redrawing abilities
  • past typesetting experience


  • これは読めるはずんでしょう?

Other Positions

  • as long as you think you may be able to help via cleaning, redrawing, etc, be our guest


#teammoe @ Rizon

We really do appreciate any and all (semi-)serious inquiries, since we only do this when we have the free time (or motivation), and it would help our release “schedule” tremendously. Feel free to come whine in our IRC.