Shoujo Apocalypse Adventure

Shoujo Apocalypse Adventure

Boy, we’ve been going back and forth on this one. Back in early September the official team mascot linked me this thing, I read the first few chapters and instantly got hooked. The art, the setting, the world, the characters, everything was perfect. So we looked around, and realized it was already scanlated by some group (they never got back to us), but they were pretty damn amateur and used shit tier raws. So I acquired the digital editions and got started on it, two volumes translated and 4 chapters typeset later, we were well on our way to reaching our goal of releasing the first 3 volumes in late December, which would put us ahead of the obviously dropped scanlations and include a bunch of tank exclusive chapters and extras. But then we got some bad news.

Yen Press bought the rights to it. We were already several dozen hours into it, so we deliberated for a long ass time on whether we should continue or cut our losses, in the end we went for a compromise: we’d finish up the first volume just so we could get the juicy extras out. But that didn’t happen, TS-kun’s motivation was all but gone, so in the end we decided to just give it up and let it go.

So, I decided to just throw out the 4 chapters we’ve done. Maybe as an example of how good our work can get, maybe just so all those hours we spent working on them wouldn’t go to waste, or maybe because we’re attention whores. Either way, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

If you’re still reading somehow, I also made a 6+ pages essay on my observations from reading this, and a bunch of little fun facts you might find interesting. It’s really more of a rough draft as you’ll see, I never got around to finishing it.

Now, enough blogfagging for today. We’ve still got plenty of shit that will never get picked up by anyone we’re working on in the background, so look forward to that.