Zessyaka! Chapter 1

Zessyaka! Chapter 1

ayo another series about JKs in classic cars but this time they’re fixing them up and also there’s a cute tomboy

chapter 2 will be out later this week

CGJK 20’s script is being finished up and will be typeset Soon™

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Okay so I know there’s gonna be at least one person tribbered by something in this release, and I want to tell them to get stuffed in advance by writing out anything they might be thinking of.

First thing is the title: Zessyaka! The long form in Japanese is 滅危惧科 (Zetsumetsukigushagakka), with the bolded syllables combined to form Zesshaka, or Zessyaka depending on which romanization system you use. Now “rare car class” isn’t really the best translation for it, but in context I think it’s the most appropriate, it might change latter we’ll see. There’s several other car related classes in the academy, so far the author has shown the Heritage Car Class, shortened to HRT. The heritage class is also about classic and rare cars, but it focuses on expensive and collectible cars. Meanwhile the rare car class is all about cars of the people, that sold in very high numbers and used to be common, but became endangered through neglect and abandon. This is why I chose not to go with “classic car class”. Related to that, the name of the academy, Yotsuwa, literally translates to “four wheels”. So if you didn’t quite get the message by now there’s gonna be a bunch of other car faculties, and there’s even a racetrack on campus.

Next up, romanization systems. You might have noticed Zessyaka is kinda odd these days, and you’re damn right it is. But this author kind of juggles both systems interchangeably. You’ll also see Yotuwa/Yotsuwa for the academy’s name being used randomly, and I’m sure many more will pop up. For my sake I’ll go with the modern forms in dialogue, and for the typesetter’s sake anything written in romaji will remain as it damn is on the drawings.

Finally, a few tiny things pretty much nobody will notice. The last page is very badly compressed, that’s how the files were on their servers I can’t really help it. The second chapter has the same issue, but it’s fixed after that. I’m guessing some nip somewhere lost the masters for those pages specifically and no one felt like fixing it. The author’s name is also quite variable, you’ll see him listed as Sekihan or Sekihang, but he seems to use Sekihang most of the time so I went with that. He’s gone under several aliases before, and has quite a lot of doujinshi attached to that name, if you’re into such things.

also Yuzuha best girl